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goodnight world. (at zzzzzz)
hi friday. (at weekender)
Welcome back ombre #fallhair (at Princess Palace)
They say we should never look back, but how can you help it when the view is breathtaking #photographicfun
Forever daydreaming #perfection #paris  (at le tour eiffel)
"I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list.." #fashion #travel #photography in coffee table book perfection a la @katespadeny  (at Kate Spade New York)
Thoughts and musings of a fashionista mind #oe #dreambookshelf (at Oxford Exchange)
Fashionable oasis #oe #booksigning #georgebrescia (at Oxford Exchange)
I don’t know how my little buddy is already 14! You’re the coolest kid ever and I love you even when you take a million selfies on my phone. Happy birthday bud! ⚾️🎸 @ethanthevaldez66
Today’s view @katespadeny #leopard  (at ksny)
Seriously missing nights like these  #london @kaleighhannee @cherribomb  (at londony)
pretty sure I live in this car #workgrind (at mobile home)
#ootd @katespadeny  (at ksny)
I can’t believe that after this weekend, I will have to say goodbye to the gym that I have practically lived and grown up in for the past 8 years. The blood, sweat and tears, the moments and memories and victories that came to pass in this facility will never be forgotten. But I am so excited for the new chapter that Brandon All Stars is about to start and I can’t wait to kick off this competition season in our new gym location next week! #baforever @_brandonallstars  (at Brandon Allstars)
Kicking off my start as the new sales lead at @katespadeny in style #leopardandlipstick (at Kate Spade New York)